About the Journal

TACJE aims to set up a highly qualified international academic platform for both experienced and novice  professionals, researchers, librarians in academic, corporate, and government work settings; and those involved in economics, business, leadership, marketing or management all over the world.

The purpose of TACJE is to foster critical debate about economics and the related fields of study, globally. TACJE seeks both to develop new theoretical insights into economics, and new understandings of the extent and nature of contemporary  practices in diverse settings. It underlines the significance of discovering and reflecting the interplay of local, regional, national and global contexts and dynamics in shaping strategies and policies of economics, business, leadership, marketing, or management between and beyond borders.

TACJE is concerned with scial sciences in its broadest sense, including economics, business, leadership, marketing, as well as cognitive and metacognitive skills development of human resources.

TACJE welcomes papers from all prospective authors, and especially from the scholars who study  economics, business, leadership, marketing, or management both theoretically and in practice, globally. 

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Vol. 1 No. 1 (2024): TACJE: CURRENT ISSUE
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