• Arben Jashari


Structure, Non-Volatile Memory, inflation, trade balance, unemployment, labor market, monetary-credit policy


This research paper intends to conduct a study that specifically examines the role of entrepreneurship as a valuable resource in Kosovo, with a particular focus on the growth and advancement of small and medium enterprises. The objective is to analyze the progress of entrepreneurship, particularly in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), in Kosovo during the past 15 years. The aim is to identify the key elements that have had a substantial impact on their growth and resilience. This study aims to examine the objectives that are relevant to the topic at hand. Based on the analysis, recommendations will be made for policymakers. These recommendations will focus on implementing specific measures to reduce interest rates in the domestic credit market. It is believed that high interest rates have been a major obstacle to the proper growth and development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Kosovo. This study seeks to offer a theoretical examination of the funding techniques employed by corporations and to assess the challenges faced by Kosovar enterprises in their efforts to build strategies for the domestic markets. Throughout the project, we will also examine the expertise of developed nations about the financing of enterprises. In this paper, our aim is to provide a modest contribution by discussing the necessary steps to enhance the situation and address the existing challenges faced by firms in Kosovo when it comes to implementing effective strategies and obtaining the required funding. The data obtained in this study will provide a foundation for exploring a promising area of research for future investigations.


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