Business framework, Digitization of services, Advancements, Adjustment


This thesis explores the significance of a business model for firms in Kosovo that can effectively include innovations from the banking industry, particularly digital services. By doing so, these businesses may integrate into the global market, where rapid advancements take place.In the initial section of this paper, definitions will be provided for the key concepts that are discussed, including the business model, advancements in banking services such as digitization, and the significance of aligning a business model with contemporary banking services.Following the theoretical section, which elucidates the fundamental concepts of this paper, the subsequent section delves into the process of assimilating novel advancements in banking services by businesses in Kosovo. It sheds light on the challenges encountered by both businesses and the banking sector in their efforts to adapt these services, as well as their endeavors to effectively communicate the latest services they provide to customers. Simultaneously, the banking sector's investments in the digitalization of services in economically advanced nations, as well as the progress made by the banking sector in Kosovo, will be showcased.Concluding this paper, suggestions are provided that can be utilized by various companies in the nation that still possess resources to implement such service technology in the banking sector and comprehend that the utilization of digital banking services presents the opportunity for a more streamlined business administration, enhances monetary security, prevents fraudulent activities, and offers other advantages.



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